Silverfish is a type of insect that is typically found inside your closet. It is also popularly known as Fishmouth or Lepisma Saccharina. It is a very minute wingless insects and their length is not more than half inch. They appearance is like silvery color and they move like fish and these are the reasons why they are named as Silverfish. They exist in this planet since 300 million years ago. They are mainly found in the northern hemisphere and also in UK, US, Canada, and in some parts of Europe. They are one of the most common household pests and it is really very difficult to eliminate them.

There are numerous Silverfish Control products available in market nowadays that will help you to get rid of silverfish. Some of the people use some type of poisons, chemicals, and traps to eliminate this silverfish insect from their house. While using any chemicals you should be cautious enough because chemicals can be harmful for pets and children. So if you use these Silverfish Control chemicals then do keep them away from the reach of pets and children.

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But one of the most important things is that you should consider is that instead of eliminating the silverfish bug you should always try to destroy their eggs which is the perfect way to eliminate this insects from your home permanently. If you use pesticide to kill these insects then they will only kill the insects not their eggs, so if you desire to eliminate them permanently from your house then you have to find out their eggs and you have to destroy them. So, rather then using any Silverfish Control chemicals to kill them try to search out for their eggs and destroy them permanently. If you want to use chemicals to kill them then do prefer boric acid which is one of the most effective chemicals to kill silverfish.

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