Bed Bugs Gone Shopping

Yet another store on New York’s Fifth Avenue has been hit with bedbugs, The Juicy Couture’s two-story flagship store. The store was closed on Tuesday and re-opened by the end of that week. Apparently all of the merchandise in the store is being taken out and being treated. Juicy Couture’s Fifth Avenue store is the largest in the country. Luckily for them that the other three Juicy stores that are located in the city were not affected. After an employee discovered they had bedbugs they shut the store down, called an exterminating company and spent the whole week trying to rid the store of them.

After attacking Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nike Town, Hollister, Abercrombie it was only a matter of time until Juicy Couture was attacked, and surely it will not be the last.

It’s really hard to know in advance whether or not a store has bed bugs or not. 2011 StarzLife.

Bed bugs love to hide in cracks and crevices, gaps, and piles of clothing. It’s scary to think now that no matter where you shop you risk the chance of getting bed bugs and bringing them home with your purchases.

Bed bugs are already such a major concern for any industry never mind for the fashion industry. Simply because bed bugs are travelling into these stores on customers or employees alike and potentially in shipments, retail stores are highly susceptible to infestation, only due to the fact that customers are continually trying on clothing items and returning their purchases to the respective stores and the sales associates are then putting the tags on the returned items and placing them back on the rack

To prevent bed bugs, it is recommended that stores stay clean and keep piles of clothes folded and neatly placed. Returned merchandise should be maintained separately – perhaps in sealed plastic bags – so that it can be inspected for bed bugs prior to being placed on the showroom floor. Some stores are also steam cleaning merchandise that might be at risk for bed bugs because it was frequently tried on or left in a pile in a dressing room. Retail stores should also train employees to spot bed bugs and the smears that they typically leave behind on fabrics so that remedial measures may be taken if the bugs are discovered.

Finally, management may also consider regular, after-hours, inspections throughout the store and its merchandise to prevent a larger infestation. If discovered, professionals should be used to thoroughly clean the store and all merchandise should be inspected before the store reopens.