Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Washington, DC

You need a method that works if you have bed bugs at your home in Washington, DC. Bed bug heat treatment is considered among the top ways to get rid of these pests, and the staff at Environmental Solutions happens to be thoroughly trained at utilizing this method.

When you have bed bugs, you need the following benefits, all of which we offer:

  • Treatment should be started immediately
  • These pests should be gone within a day
  • The equipment used should not bother or inconvenience you

If you do not want to worry about your pets or small children during the process, and do not wish to have to stay in a hotel for days, heat treatment is a good choice. You can rest assured that your house will be free of these pests immediately afterward.

You also get the reassurance that only a warranty can provide, though the fact that we are family owned and operated is also helpful to know. We truly care whether you get what you need from the heat treatment we use, and you can see this from the friendly, positive attitude of our staff.

If you want to be free of these pests at your house in Washington, DC, bed bug heat treatment is necessary. Call Environmental Solutions to make a same-day appointment, or even to schedule an emergency visit.

If you seek Washington, DC bed bug control, you should choose a company that can accurately detect the bugs and quickly solve the issue using reliable tools. Only Environmental Solutions features modern methods that are both effective and environmentally safe.

While bed bugs are hard to eliminate, there is no need to use harsh chemicals that harm both the environment and any animals that come in contact with them. That’s why we use equipment that is considered safe, along with K-9 detection, which allows us to accurately pinpoint and solve the problem today. Our staff’s training with the National Bed Bug Association is also helpful.

We have found that getting rid of bed bugs is not as simple as spraying a chemical, spreading powder, or throwing out mattresses. Even if these methods work temporarily, they will not stop the existing eggs from hatching, resulting in a brand new batch of bugs to bite every member of your household. You can avoid this recurring issue by hiring us to take care of it in a single visit.

If you just want these pests out of your hair, not to mention off your skin, you have a great option in Washington, DC. Bed bug control is fast and reliable when you hire Environmental Solutions for the job, so call today.